6 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Once temperatures drop and the snow starts falling you will either be glad you followed these tips or regret procrastinating.

  1. Clean or replace Furnace filters (if you need to replace your furnace make sure to look into federal tax credits for getting more energy efficient furnaces)
    Filters that are old or clogged up won’t function properly and keep your home from heating efficiently not to mention they can be a potential fire hazard

  2. Block drafts around doors and windowsAn easy way to drive up your utility bills during the winter is to let all the heat from your home escape through gaps in doorways and windows. A quick walk around the house will help you find problem areas to fix so you can keep the heat in and the cold out.

  3. Drain and put away any hoses.This includes any air conditioner pipes. If liquid in these freeze it can break them and cost you money to replace them all in the summer.

  4. Insulate pipesOutdoor faucets and any pipes that are susceptible to the cold need to be insulated in order to keep them from freezing. Frozen pipes can cause pipes to burst and then you may just have some really serious problems and damage to your home.

  5. Check your chimney if you have a fireplaceIt’s tempting to just throw a log in the fireplace and cozy up around it once it gets cold, but take the time to make sure the chimney is clear first. Birds tend to like to make nests in there and other things can cause blockages. If the chimney isn’t clear there is a potential to fill your house with smoke or even start a house fire causing damage to your property.

  6. Check your fire alarms
    Winter is a notorious time for house fires and it is vital to have working fire alarms around the house to alert everyone and stop a fire as soon as possible.