How to Reduce Chances of Having a Water Damage Insurance Claim Denied

How to Reduce Chances of Having a Water Damage Insurance Claim Denied

Keep Records of Repairs and Maintenance

It is important to do maintenance on your home as often as you can to avoid problems. In some instances a loss may appear to be caused by negligence or poor maintenance. Keeping records of the companies or people you have hired to do repairs may help prove that your claim is in fact valid.

Get The Right Insurance

Make sure that you research on the insurance that is most suited for your home before buying. Find an insurance plan that actually takes care of your home’s needs.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Study your policy to understand the scope of its coverage, its limitations and its demands on you. Understanding your policy will enable you to know which claims to make.

How To Prevent Plumbing Leaks

Maintain Moderate Water Pressure

Too much pressure strains your pipes and may result to leaking and a reduce life expectancy. You do not have to set an uncomfortably low water pressure. Moderate pressure will keep your pipes relaxed and still allow you to shower or wash dishes comfortably.

Pipe Insulation

Low temperatures may lead to solidifying of water in the pipes. This in turn causes them to expand. When the temperatures finally increase, the pipes may end up leaking. Insulating pipes also helps you save energy.

Install a Water Softener

Hard water leads to accumulation of lead and other minerals in pipes. It leads to fast corrosion and hence leakage of pipes. Installing a water softener will help your pipes last longer.

Use a Stud Sensor Before Drilling Walls

We do not always know where the pipes are. You may accidentally burst them with a nail while drilling. Using a stud sensor before drilling walls will help you know where the pipes and cables are.